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With support from the Family Counselling Centre Niagara and the Foster Festival this group focuses on using creativity as a vehicle to further recovery from the impacts of child abuse, and is intended to ).

She was from the other side of the tracks..slums as we called it...reality, she was my polar opposite in every possible way except tennis.

I come from well off parents, am an easy going, fun loving, live for the moment, fashion conscious girl.

Therapy Tails is a dog therapy program for kids of all ages.

Perfect for children who are nervous around dogs, looking for some sensory input, need practice reading out loud, or just want to hang out and relax with these furry friends. (Childrens Area, Community Centre Library)This session will spotlight the fundamentals of coding and explore its applications.

I threw my Wilson Blade 98 racket up in the air when she couldn't get to my drop shot and dropped to my knees.

Kelly, breathing heavy, hate in her eyes, sweat dripping down her forehead, quipped, "Get used to being in that position." I quipped right back, "On my knees in victory stance." She smirked, a strange confidence in her since I had just defeated her, "Sure, that's what I meant." I got up, everyone watching for the traditional handshake, and extended my hand. She didn't respond as she shook my hand with an unexplainable look in her eyes.

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