Naruto ino dating

Besides, even when they had become actual friends, it wasn't like Sasuke had ever told him anything about his family––besides how much he wanted to kill Itachi, anyway.

No, he really didn't want to talk about him anymore. More importantly, he had something to ask the woman idly picking at her fish.

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Giving up, Sakura leaned back and placed her chopsticks on the table."Why didn't you say so? Wanting to get out of there as fast as he could, he tossed a few bills on the table and walked towards the door."Naruto, wait up!

We can go home if you'd like."As if he'd been waiting for those words all night, Naruto quickly stood to his feet and reached for his wallet. " Sakura called, digging through her purse for her wallet.

If he didn't turn around she'd know for sure that something was up, but if he turn around, he might not be able to keep his smile from crumbling. I-I want to get some sleep," he said, cursing himself for stuttering.

Feeling his fatigue, she allowed her hand slip from his shoulder.

Otherwise, she'd notice right away if something was bothering him.

Satisfied that she wouldn't see through his grin, he took a deep, calming breath and headed back out to the dining room.

The pond at the park's frozen over."Naruto bit the inside of his lip, trying hard not to look too interested. I have a date tomorrow night."The chopsticks in his hand clattered against the floor. Although she was attractive, Sakura had always had an unapproachable air about her.

He there was a good chance that she'd accept his offer, but as his perverted former sensei used to say, "Women are illogical and insane."Sakura looked surprised for a couple of seconds, but to his relief, she smiled and nodded. His body suddenly went cold, and his ears burned with an intense fire. ""I have to go to the bathroom," Naruto said, standing up suddenly. In the Academy, she was too shy and withdrawn for anyone to notice her. Did he really think that with Sasuke gone Sakura would suddenly look at him? Just when he'd begun to believe that she was developing feelings for him.

The feel of her hand on his shoulder almost made him vomit."Hey, what's the rush?


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