Vashtie kola dating

she isn't dating Q, i guess this is how BS is created.

check her blog/website, she throws alot of parties on the downtown scene and very respected.

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:-) lol just as African's were brought as slaves to the US, East Indians were brought from India when slavery was abolished in the caribbean to work as indentured laborers ie. Just as with anywhere else the Africans and East Indians intermarried or just had kids with each other resulting in half black half indian people that Trinidadians call dougla as slang (Dougla is originally a Hindi word that didn't have a positive meaning but we've put our own spin/interpretation on it).

Yes ppl the West Indies/Caribbean has Indian, Syrian, Chinese, Pacific Islander and South American ppl that migrated there and many ppl are mixed but grandmother moved there from Venezuela or there are some ppl that are straight black ...

The couple tied the knot in a romantic October ceremony in 2015 in Buda, TX.actress Leven Rambin, sources exclusively confirm to Us Weekly.

The blond bombshell, 23, played cut-throat District 1 tribute Glimmer in 2012 in the first film installment of the popular book series.

Another source confirms the romance, adding Rambin is smitten.

Q-Tip has been spotted at several different events lately with his designer friend Va Shtie Kola on his arm: And Va Shtie's b-day party last night--hosted by Sprite Green in NY at Santos Party House--was no different. Connect her to the major moves she makes in the industry! maybe gossipers have an agreement not to talk about each other. anyways....vashti person looks extremely familiar and i know ive met someone with that name. Wasn’t Pres Obama there not too long ago to talk with the Mexican pres about escalating violence?? Then again, who knows except those who truly know her. ) » Kevin Hart's Alleged Mistress Just Did A Press Conference With The THOT Union's Lawyer Lisa Bloom» Chick Is Determined To Get Back In Y'all's Good Graces - Omarosa Returns To ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ House After Being Hospitalized For Asthma Attack» Cardi B Claims She’s Just 'Getting Fat', But She's Stirring Up MORE Pregnancy Rumors Security Extra Tight After Gang Threats» Tisha Campbell Responds About ‘Martin’ Reboot After Martin’s Fiancée HINTS It's Coming Back » CELEBS ON THE RUN! Fox, Tracee Ellis Ross & More Out In These Streets» Since They Drooled Over Melania's Dior Look, We Can Stan Over Meghan Markle's Perfectly Untraditional Pantsuit She Just Rocked» CROP TOPS, BABY BUMPS & SELFIES!Thank you for correcting the dumbness of misccindi for me! Some people need to understand that there isn't only persons of african descent in the Caribbean. After their break up it was only a couple of years before Kelis began her successful career with a string of hits.Beginning in 2003, Pharrel and model Jade Jagger were an item.But it is the recent success of his hit single from the movie “Despicable Me 2” that has gained him so much notoriety.

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