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Blenheims sometimes have a much coveted chestnut spot on the top of their heads.

While Churchill was in Europe fighting the Battle of Blenheim, his wife was at home nervously waiting to hear the outcome.

" and after a moment of reflection added, "and Colonel Churchill." Colonel Churchill later became the Duke of Marlborough, as well as a breeder of the little spaniels.

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Why do these quaint dogs evoke the charm of the Victorian era so well?

Perhaps, its because they offer collectors a direct connection to Queen Victoria. Staffordshire potters modeled their figures after dogs known as Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, named for King Charles II of England who was constantly surrounded by these merry little dogs and gave them free run at court.

They also produced detailed poodles, as well as pugs, pointers, foxhounds, sheepdogs, staghounds, setters, harriers and greyhounds.

Staffordshire dogs appear most commonly in left/right pairs, but sometimes potters included a center figure.

She found comfort by holding one of their spaniels that was soon to have puppies.

As she stroked the dog, her thumb was frequently pressed on it's head.Her dog had five pups, each with a spot resembling a red thumb print on the top of its head. Churchill won the battle of Blenheim and was rewarded with a great house called Blenheim Palace.It was Queen Victoria that brought the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel to prominence.While many collectors think the potteries only produced spaniels, they, in fact, produced other types of dogs, among them Dalmatians, the rarest of all.Some potters mounted their Dalmatian figures on blue bases.Made to decorate fireplace mantels, most had unfinished backs.


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