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The schoolgirl was found raped and strangled in in woods six months after she disappeared on her way home from school.

Bellfield, 49, plans to contest the agreed facts of his case and question evidence about Milly's phones as well as testimonies from mobile phone experts.

Some even describe it as "swinging from one branch to another" to make sure that they have prospects available before deciding to make the change.

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Some women at midlife will seek an outside partner who makes them feel alive and desired to reaffirm their attractiveness.

Women in their fifties and sixties may experience menopause and have an affair to boost their self-esteem if they worry that aging will affect their attractiveness and their future desirability.

Studies say that up to 45 percent of women and 55 percent of men will cheat at some point in their marriage.

That means that about half of everyone will have an outside relationship with someone while they are committed to someone else.

Only one in three make the transition from affair to a permanent relationship.

Many times when the marriage ends, so does the affair.If a woman finds a man (or another woman) that can give her either emotional or sexual satisfaction, she may cheat on her spouse or committed partner for the pleasure of an intimate connection, even at the risk of losing what she has at home.Humans have a natural proclivity to move toward what feels good.Some women don’t really know they want out until they start to cheat.They use the affair as a catalyst to end their marriage.In fact, some studies show that 80 percent of affairs happen because of opportunity.


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