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When the season is over, I’ll shave my head and my beard and nobody will know who I am.That will be relief—for a little while.” Lately, though, it’s Campbell who has had the biggest buzz.“One of the best things that I’ve gotten out of my experience with Party of Five is my relationship with Paula,” Wolf said, beaming.

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As the director roars his approval, the stars lose their hangdog expressions.

Moments later, while watching the scene replayed on a monitor, they begin to giggle.

“When somebody is genuinely excited to have met you, in a minute, with a little exchange, you can make their day.” Fox has a very different take on fame.

For the son of a Wyoming rancher who majored in economics at Columbia University, the attention quickly wears thin.

After dream roles in last year’s witchy black comedy The Craft and the current horror hit Scream, Campbell has proved she has the presence to command the big screen.

“The whole film depended on her,” says Scream director Wes Craven, who handpicked Campbell to play a terrorized teen alongside Drew Barrymore and Courteney Cox Arquette.

Nothing’s more impressive, however, than the old-fashioned, low-tech fandemonium that breaks out when the cast goes on location or makes public appearances. “It’s overwhelming.” But even Wolf is conflicted over his status as role model. But the more I’ve seen how many people watch what we do and how strongly they attach themselves to it,” he adds, “I realize, if I’m looked at that way, then I am.” Indeed, when the show was recently shooting on location near an elementary school in Venice, Calif., Wolf—a dimpled Tom Cruise look-alike—was instantly surrounded by a gaggle of hyperventilating schoolgirls (and a few awestruck boys as well).

Most no doubt would be breathless to learn that Wolf is unattached these days.

“We agonized over who to cast because her role was instrumental.


  1. First I took of my blouse, revealing the little bit of fabric that held up my breasts (not that they needed much holding up). I was hoping that I was right, ’cause I was kind of nervous myself about it. “I don’t want any of these college guys seeing you like this! I’m only 22 so I still look like I belong in college, but I knew what he meant. I was a little disappointed because I sure was enjoying the show!

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