Carbon dating wine

Used for identification of vine varieties in the field.Amontillado: A type of Spanish sherry, medium in color and sweetness between Fino (light and dry) and Olorosso (heavier and sweet).

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Alicante wines often lack flavor and the wines are generally of lower quality and price.

Aligoté: A white wine grape used in various blends in many countries but best known for its fruity, light wines from Burgundy in France.

Important in wine tasting because it can reveal an extra attribute or fault.

Aging: Term describing the storing of wine under certain specific conditions for the purpose of improving the wine.

Aging of wines (usually reds) for long periods in oak barrels adds oak-flavor and makes the wine more complex.

After bottling, further aging in sealed bottles develops a pleasing taste and odor characteristic called “bottle bouquet.” Bottle bouquet usually begins to develop in bottled wine three or four years after bottling, and develops in both red and white wines.The term is usually used to denote blended wines of nonspecific origin.Ampelography: A book that describes the structural characteristics of various varieties of grape vines.The wood is generally tighter-grained than oak from other regions.Altus: A town in western Arkansas for which the state’s primary viticultural area takes its name.Alcohol: Many different compounds in nature are classed as “alcohols” chemically.


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