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Whether you are looking for a small kit to be used for a DIY birthday party, or have a gig with 100 childrens faces to paint, you can find quality face painting supplies here at Silly Farm!

While browsing sections make sure you read our helpful hints regarding the product types and differences!

Liquid make up can be mixed with cake makeup and used on top of cake makeup.

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Those brands tend to be a stiffer paint, recommended for line work and known for bold color.

The other brands like FAB, Kryolan, Paradise, and Snazaroo are slightly more creamy and softer to the touch.

Powders are primarily used as a background color and are applied dry to the skin.

Powders are cost effective and practical because they allow you to apply a fast background base without using water or sponging.

Which is why we have created a Helpful hints Face paint guide to help you find the paint you want and need. Most brands of cake makeup will dry within 1 minute.

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the different types of paint . Cake makeup blends easily, and is available in several colors including metallic and neon colors.

The Silly Farm selection of powders includes shimmer powders, matte powders, powder palettes and individual powder compacts.

All powders can be used for face painting and remove easily with soap and water.

Cake makeup does not need to be "set" like cream make up.

Once it dries on the skin it will dry to a solid finish.

Using Starblend red powder, you would apply the red powder to the skin using a smoothie blender and then using your cake makeup paint directly on top of the powder to create the webbing and line work.


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