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Sadly, and unfortunately, all of the effort in choosing the best photographs, writing one’s personal biography, and positioning oneself in the most appealing personality and lifestyle categories is all for naught; it simply doesn’t matter.Adding insult to injury, it is futile to base your hopes for a happy relationship on the careful reading and interpreting of a potential love interest’s profile, while scanning every pixel of their pics with a magnifying glass looking for potential clues or red flags. Because dating chemistry is not based on your prospective match’s face or body type, musical interests, favorite foods, political leanings, education, religion, or other criteria.Little does she know that she, a codependent, has chosen, yet again, another in a long list of narcissists.

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Codependent dating

Read on to learn what you need to know about codependent relationships, how to figure out if you need help and where to find it. No one just wakes up one day, looks at her partner and thinks that his happiness is more important than her own.

Not surprisingly, in many cases, codependency has its roots in childhood.

The Human Magnet Syndrome accounts for one of the most common couplings we see—the pairing of caretaking, empathetic, and altruistic codependents with selfish, arrogant, controlling, and harmful narcissists, who simultaneously fall head over heels in in love while remaining tied together in a long-term dysfunctional relationship.

When a caretaking woman feels the chemistry bliss over her narcissistic romantic man (or vice versa), it is not because of any similarities she shares with him.

"After a while, friends get tired of not being able to help you," says Dr. But try to be aware of some of the following red-flag thoughts or behaviors:• "If my partner's not happy, I can't possibly be happy."• "Our problems are usually all my fault."• "If I just change one of my habits (nagging him for staying out late, for example), he'll change." • "I often push away unhappy, uncomfortable or painful feelings."If you begin to see that you're always doing the work in your relationship while your partner never does, stop and take stock.

___Have you been working on your online dating profile? Finding the exact right words to describe your wonderful self?

You will discover that chemistry, or that intuitive feeling of relational and romantic perfection, exists because of the connection of opposite self-orientations, not because of a well thought out list of similarities, likes, and dislikes.

Consider your own chance encounters and skillfully matched dating setups, which seemed perfect “on paper” but wouldn’t elicit the smallest of romantic sparks or chemistry.

Rather it is due to the activation of unconscious psychological attraction mechanisms that recognize a perfect “dancing partner” who makes her heart skip a beat or two.

His boldness, charisma, self-confidence, and charm create the illusion that he is the man about whom she has always dreamt.

Dating chemistry is based on “The Human Magnet Syndrome!


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