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Operating equipment or distribution systems that may be affected by weather should not be located inside soffits.

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Each of these components, their use and how they are combined on a building must be reviewed for opportunities provided for birds to roost (“bird roosts”) on the exterior of the building.

“Bird roosts” can create both maintenance and visual problems, particularly in high-rise buildings.

Provide expansion and contraction control joints at the edges and within the soffit.

Spacing and configuration of control joints should be in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer of the soffit material.

For special requirements on fire protection see Chapter 7: Ground Water Control.

The drainage mat and soil filter should relieve hydrostatic pressure on substructure walls and allow water drainage to the level of the drain.

Window washing systems used for the facility must also be compatible with any sun screens or sun control devices.

Glazing, shading devices, and sources of illumination should be analyzed in detail to minimize heat gain and maximize direct natural light into all spaces to produce the best microclimate for tenants in building perimeter spaces. Design exterior soffits to resist displacement and rupture by wind uplift.

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First consideration should be given to rehabilitating the existing windows.


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