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CS-UCS pairing inhibit or suppress a resonse conditioned inhibition can result from pairing a reliably CS with a non-reliable CS, animal is conditioned to ignore the none-reliable stimulus Brogden start with CS1 and CS2 (a light and a tone, for example)---PRECONDITIONING PHASE UCS is a shock that causes UCR leg reflex CS1 signals the CR leg reflex and OR---CONTINUED PHASE Switch CS1 for CS2 and get the same leg reflex---TEST PHASE sufficient presentation of elements is enough--prepotency of elements Pavlov believed that CRs were little URs, this is not the case other factors than simple contiguity effect the CS-CR relationship CRs may be different or even antagonistic to UR CRs will take different forms when different CSs are used suggested that during extinction, the nonreinforced CS results in new learning that includes inhibition of the CR these new associations interfere with the previously learned CS-US associations CS-US connections remain intact and coexist with the new inhibitory learning The response the animal elicits depends entirely on contextual cues argument relies on renewal effect, spontaneous recovery, and reinstatementmethod Kamin used to demonstrate blocking effect first described by Skinner and Estes as a method of measuring strength of CS-US association get a rat to press a lever, present a tone before a shock, then shock the hell out of it suppressed response rate during tone=conditioned suppression during tone, emotional responses---emotional responses thought to suppress lever responding first conditioned rats with one CS (tone) that signaled a shock, lead to response suppression then paired two CSs with the shock (both a light and a tone) in phase 3, tone continued to produce response suppression, but light did not conditioning for one CS blocks conditioning for the otherthe nature of the US determines the maximum level of conditioning achieved (asymptotic max)--called lambda associative learning acquired prior to a specific trial (n) designated as V n-1 change in learning due to conditioning is delta Vn includes two components that refer to conditionability of particular CS-US Pair--alpha refers to strength of CS, beta refers to US altogether we have: ∆Vn=αAβA(λ-Vn-1) equation indicates the change in strength of association learning on any trial different between max possible learning and amount already learned at conclusion of preceding trial1) contingency rather than contiguity accounts for CS-US association 2) CR is not a little UR 3) backward conditioning does have use--signals safety in avoidance conditioning a truly random control group in CC--group must experience both forward and backward conditioning so not correlation between the CS and US is madeorganisms seek information to predict biological events when a cue is found, ATTENTION increasingly becomes fixed upon that cue while other stimuli are less attended to learning is an active process!

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