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Usual staying period in these islands while waiting for the new visa is 2-3 days, you are lucky if you can go back to Dubai at the same day of your departure.

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The 60 days count will start from the date you set foot on UAE land. If you did not find job in 60 days, it is nessesary to leave the county for a visa change.

Usually the exit point is in Kish or Qeshem islands in Iran.

Above rate is the regular rate that Dubai based agents are charging, you can check the standard rates for more detailed information.

Visa expiry Tourist visa holders are allowed to stay in the UAE for 60 days. If it is not utilized in the validity period you need to apply for new one.

Avoid also the month of Ramadan as the office timings are shorten to 5 hours.

Ideal timing to visit UAE is from October to March as the whether is fine and there are lot of festivals thus requiring more jobs.

There is no limit for visa change, you can do it untill you got a job.

Kish and Qeshem visa change Kish and Qeshm islands are 45 minutes from Dubai via chartered flight, the whole package of visa change ranges from Dhs 1,350 to 1,600 including the visa, return ticket, one day hotel accommodation, and breakfast meal.

Exchange Rate Money in UAE is called Dirhams (AED, Dhs), This is approximately equivalent to 13 pesos in Philippine money and fixed to 3.68 per 1 US Dollars. Visas are pre-arranged, it means you have to apply for it while in the Philippines.

If you have friends that were already in the UAE, they can help you to to get a visa.

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