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It is a tale of outstanding courage and initiative, an impressive chapter in the history of nursing in Southern Africa. A year after Rhodes's Pioneers had crossed the Limpopo river to occupy Mashonaland, he journeyed to Salisbury by ox-drawn cart, and wrote of his experiences with both humour and an endearing modesty. extracts from contemporary press notices, and Frontispiece of author; full-colour dust jacket; new Publishers' Intro.Being such a novice at the trekking game he was blissfully unaware of the danger in which he often placed himself and was fortunate neither to have been eaten by lions nor to have hopelessly lost his way (he was unable to read his compass correctly! Following so close on the heels of Randolph Churchill's lavishly-appointed expedition, (see Facs. ISBNs 0 86920 016 X standard) and 0 86920 017 8 (de luxe).

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Born in 1849, the third son of the seventh Duke of Marlborough, he entered Parliament at the age of 26, became Secretary for India at 36 and Chancellor of the Exchequer a year later.

On his political downfall soon afterwards his interests turned to travel. with line drawings, sketches and full-colour fold-out map; dust jacket a two-colour montage depicting prospecting, mining and exploration scenes of J89Os; new Publishers' Intro; ISBNs 0 86920 012 1 (standard) and 0 86920 013 5 (de luxe). The fever swamps and lion-infested mountain fastnesses of Rhodesia's eastern highlands were no place for refined young ladies, but they did not deter Nurses Blennerhasseff, Sleeman and Welby from setting up hospital services in the territory. photos.; dust jacket depicts panel from RHODESIAN TAPESTRY; new Publishers' intro.

His talents, however, were not confined to the making of discoveries: he was also a prolific writer and a fine painter, map-maker and naturalist. paintings & sketches produced en route, detailed pull-out map of Gold Fields and Cape Colony drawn by Baines assisted by other notable explorers; dust jacket depicts Baines and Hartley exploring; pull-out facs.

Born in King's Lynn, England, in 1820, Baines began to make a name for himself as an artist with the British forces in the Eastern Cape of South Africa during the Kaffir Wars. letter from David Livingstone; new Publishers' Intro.

Henry Cullen Couldsbury entered the service of the British South Africa Company in Southern Rhodesia in 1902, and was transferred to Northern Rhodesia, where he was promoted to Native Commissioner, in 1910.

He died during the First World War while acting as liaison officer between the Belgian and British military forces in Uganda. Gouldsbury was a successful novelist (Reprint of 1932 anthology, with new material inc.

On this undertaking he lost 60 per cent of his labour force in each of the first three years through malaria, blackwater fever and the depredations of marauding animals. new Appendices (contemporary letters, minutes, previously unpublish eo account of interview with Joseph Chamberlain, obituary, etc.); illus. Bent was the first archaeologist to excavate Zimbabwe and, although his "Phoenician hypothesis" was later discredited by the results of carbon-dating tests, his observations in The Ruined Cities of Mashonaland are interesting and valuable for the light they throw on the life-style of the indigenous people at the time, and on the nature of the settler administration of Mashonaland in the 1890s. numerous sketches (many by author's wife); dust jacket depicts two-colour repro.

Meanwhile the company had broadened its scope of activity to include railway construction in the Middle East, public works, dam, harbour and bridge building in Greece, Angola, China, the Argentine and India. 69 photos, sketches, cartoons & fold-out full colour map; dust jacket features posterised portrait of author; new Publishers' Intro. The book is the best-known of Bent's three works, having run to three editions. Conical Tower, Zimbabwe Ruins; new Publishers' Intro.

Said the Graphic reviewer nearly 70 years ago: "Mr.


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