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“We don’t beat the shit out of each other anymore,” Youman told the . It took patience and trust-building to get it back together. We are now on the same page.” As of 2018, former guitarist Steve Morris was playing with Gods of Mount Olympus, alongside Paul Rucker (Street Dogs) and Matt Riddle (No Use For A Name).Even though tacit legal norms are deeply important to our past, present, and future, the very idea of unwritten law has been difficult to pin down, and problematic in a range of ways.With demons and personal tragedies behind them, Swan sees the band releasing their first studio album in 6 years.

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Taking their places: guitarist Kevin Besignano (ex-Bullets and Octane) and bassist Derik Envy (ex-Red Light Sky).

By 2014, founding drummer Wade Youman had mended fences with Russo and returned to the band, and the duo began recording an acoustic album with Russo’s brother Johnny Grill on bass and guitarist Chris Lewis (Fenix TX, Spell Toronto).

Interscope Records released their own "best of" Unwritten Law compilation entitled, The 2-disc CD/DVD, capturing a live performance at Hollywood's Key Club, was produced by Devin De Haven (Busta Ryhmes, Method Man, Papa Roach), and includes 13 live tracks as well as behind-the-scenes footage and band interviews.

In late 2010, the band invited fans to submit cover art for their sixth studio album, with plans to release three of those covers on three different album versions.

was released March 29, 2011, via Breaksilence Recordings/Suburban Noize Records.

Going into 2011, the band included Scott Russo, Steve Morris, Pat Kim, and newest drummer Dylan Howard.

"He yelled at the kid, 'What the fuck are you doing in my [dressing] room? We were just, like, 'What the fuck is wrong with him? Unwritten Law spent much of 2006 recording a "best of" album entitled which featured 17 songs, most re-recorded by the current lineup, as well as 2 new songs.

Released on January 2, 2007 by Abydos Records, it's lead single "Shoulda Known Better" charted high on several alternative charts.

Around the same time, Fuse TV ran a 30-minute special on the band, including a live performance and interviews. He hit me and then we fired him." So said Unwritten Law's Scott Russo to MTV News April 11 2005, announcing that guitarist Brewer had been booted after an onstage fight on March 23 at the House of Blues in Anaheim that left Russo minus a tooth and Brewer missing part of his pinky. I went over to try and give him a hug, and he pushed me." Russo says he threw some water at Brewer, whereupon "he knocked one of my teeth out. Then I threw his guitar into the crowd and gave it to the kids." Russo says he found Brewer backstage holding a vodka bottle. The bottle connects with the top of the door jamb and smashes, cutting half of his right pinkie off.

Guitarist Rob Brewer was fired from the band in April 2005. Russo says the onstage argument was over Brewer's refusal to play "F. Needless to say, he couldn't play the next two or three shows because he had to have surgery to reattach his torn ligaments." According to Russo, Brewer also shoved a fan who made his way backstage to meet the band in Anaheim.

On the first two records, I wrote most of the lyrics." Attempts to get a comment from Unwritten Law manager Les Borsai were unsuccessful, but Russo said that it was true that Atlantic/Lava took action against Youman's website.


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